There are 15 chapters. Each chapter consists of small videos, text and questions on a beer topic. In total you will get more than 250 questions to prepare you for the final exam. Upon completion of the final exam you will get your own certificate!

Chapter 1
The History of Beer

How long have we been drinking beer? What about the Egyptians and beer? What does Louis Pasteur have to do with your beer?

Chapter 2
The Ingredients of Beer

What is malted barley? What is the function of hops? What is the difference between top and bottom fermented beers?

Chapter 3
The Brewing Process

How is beer brewed? What is dry hopping? What is wort? Learn everything about the brewing process.

Chapter 4
Quality, Hygiene & Draught Systems

Which draught system do you work with? What does the law say about storage and hygiene?

Chapter 5
Pilsner & Lager

Where does lager come from? Since when can we make it? What are the characteristics of a pilsner?

Chapter 6
German Beer Types

Kolsch, Alt, Weizen. What is what? What about the Reinheitsgebot? Where does the term bockbeer come from?

Chapter 7
Abbey & Trappist Beers

What is the difference between an abbey beer and a trappist beer?How many Trappist beers are there? What are known examples?

Chapter 8
Belgian Beer Types

What is kriek? What characterizes a Lambic and how is Gueze made? This and more about the most famous beer country in the world.

Chapter 9
English Beer Types

Besides tea, the British drink beer. England has a rich beer history. Dive into the world of Porter and Ale's.

Chapter 10
USA & Craft Beer Revolution

The USA has a current and lively beer history. From the prohibition to the rise of large breweries, back to microbreweries and brewpubs.

Chapter 11
The Beer Label

What information can you find on the label? Learn how to read the beer label in this chapter!

Chapter 12
Pouring & Serving Beer

Why do you skim a pilsner? Do you pour a specialty beer differently? What about a stout? What are the correct serving techniques?

Chapter 13
Tasting & Describing Beer

Drinking beer is not the same as tasting it. With the right tasting techniques you can distinguish fragrances and aromas, taste and aftertaste. Cheers!

Chapter 14
Beer & Food

There are a lot of great combinations to make with beer and food. Here you will learn how to match your dishes with the right beer.

Chapter 15

How much do you know about Heineken? Learn about the founders and the techniques that make Heineken great.

Chapter 16

Do the exam. You get 50 questions from all chapters. Complete it, then print your own certificate!

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